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Gerald Lamb D.O.

Gerald Lamb D.O.

Gez Lamb graduated from the ESO in Maidstone in 1982, having studied under John Wernham, Tom Dummer, Robert Lever, Harold Klug and Mervyn Waldman  in an era when osteopathy was taught in small groups with intense individual tuition from those teachers who were only half a step removed from Martin Littlejohn and therefore to Still himself.

Upon graduation, Gez was invited to join Tom Dummer’s practice. Tom was the principal of the ESO and the world's foremost exponent of SAT, and so Gez was exposed to early influences that shaped his understanding of how to deepen the healing response by using the most functional approach to bony manipulation.

He has taught a kaleidoscope of subjects to 28 generations of osteopathic students but now continues to teach SAT and PRM techniques to graduates since retiring from undergraduate teaching at the ESO in 2011.  

He has taught through the years in Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain and Sweden, and is currently expanding his International teaching commitments in order to promote the message of SAT.

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