VOD Kongress 2018 - JUSTLITTLEJOHN - 05. bis 07. Oktober 2018


Caroline Kalsæg Fjeldstrøm B.Sc., D.O.

Caroline Kalsæg Fjeldstrøm B.Sc., D.O.

Caroline is an osteopath, whose interests include the integration of osteopathic principles, practices and techniques into effective patient management.

She is in private practice in Norway. She is also one of the Academic Directors of the Linderbergs Academy in Munich (a postgraduate teaching institution for osteopaths and osteopathic physicians)

She has helped teaching postgraduate courses in the United States, Dubai, Italy, Germany and England, and she is an invited speaker to osteopathic conferences, including Warsaw, Poland. She has contributed to writing book chapters for osteopathic textbooks.

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