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Christian Hartmann

Christian Hartmann

Born 1964

Doctor and physiotherapist and owner of JOLANDOS Publishers (founded in 1997). He studied Osteopathy at the COE in Munich 1994–1998, which he discontinued for the benefit of medical studies and his company. He worked as a physiotherapist 1995–2002 and as a Doctor 2007–2011.

Jolandos is specialized in the history and philosophy of osteopathy. Numerous classics of osteopathy were published in German, including A.T.Still, J.M. Littlejohn, W.G. Sutherland, R.E. Becker, R. Fulford, I.E. Corr, V. Frymann.

His workshop "History and Philosophy" is part of the advanced education in Osteopathy at German osteopathic schools. Since 2003 he has published numerous articles about the history of osteopathy and also about critical considerations of modern osteopathy.

Due to his long-standing and extensive occupation with the classical writings of osteopathy, he is regarded as an internationally recognized expert in the field of history and philosophy of the original osteopathy.

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