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Jason Haxton M.A., D.O. (h.c.)

Jason Haxton M.A., D.O. (h.c.)

Museum Kirksville

Director of the Still National Osteopathic Museum since January 2001.  Prior to joining the museum, Jason was an active museum volunteer for over ten years and donated several artifacts to the collection.  He has served as a lecturer with the Missouri Arts Council and as a researcher/benefactor with the Missouri Capitol Museum.  He is a member of several local historical groups and is currently pursuing his Doctorate of Health Education through the ATSU School of Health Management – his dissertation is concerns online Museum attendance for students.

Jason makes several international trips each year (Germany, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the UK) to promote the principles of osteopathic medicine through exhibits and providing historic research materials for DO’s worldwide at various osteopathic conferences.  Jason often assists DO’s who are required to do a two-year dissertation in clinical research.  With the help of Jason, many students will review Dr. Still’s ideas and early writings as a foundation for their current work.  He works with the museum to publish a minimum of 4 osteopathic books annually.

He also facilitates the highly successful The  Healer Within traveling exhibit which has been to 20 science centers to an audience of over 2 ½  million visitors across the USA and in Canada in the past 8-years.  The next venue for The Healer Within will be in Virginia.  Jason has just finished work on a $240,000 Federal Museum Grant (IMLS) to provide health and wellness curriculum for teachers kindergarten to eighth grade across the nation.  And, has received grant funding of $206,000 this past year to make original research material available online and care for the collection.

Link to material: http://www.sos.mo.gov/archives/mdh_splash/default.asp?coll=atsu


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