VOD Kongress 2018 - JUSTLITTLEJOHN - 05. bis 07. Oktober 2018


At our successful last year´s congress StillAlive we honored Dr. Andrew Taylor Still´s (1828-1917) lifework. At this year´s Congress JUSTLITTLEJOHN we dedicate the thinking and work of Dr. John Martin Littlejohn (1866-1947) and thus we continue our journey back to the time of founding osteopathy.

Back then as well as today Littlejohn stands for a modern, deepening science style of studies. On the threshold of the 20th century, he developed an osteopathic approach, which also has an unabated relevance in the 21st century. At this year's Congress we would like to approach and question Littlejohn´s understanding of osteopathy. By illuminating his lectures and practices from different perspectives, we want to work together to advance osteopathy that is becoming increasingly important in today's times. We invite you to a three-day journey into the way of thinking of one of the founding fathers of Osteopathy, who gave with his alert mind and his analytical brilliance a constituent framework to our (still) young science. 

Jason Haxton, MA, DO (hc), Director of the Museum of Osteopathic Medicine, Kirksville will give us deep insights into the founding time of osteopathy with explanations and exhibits of his museum.

We are looking forward to exciting days in Bad Nauheim!

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